English Language Arts

English Language Arts

With the adoption of these English-language arts content standards in 1997, California set forth for the first time a uniform and specific vision of what students should know and be able to do in this subject area. Reflecting a strong consensus among educators, these standards establish high expectations for all students. They embody our collective hope that all students become effective language users so that they can succeed academically, pursue higher education, find challenging and rewarding work, participate in our democracy as informed citizens, appreciate and contribute to our culture, and pursue their own goals and interests throughout their lives.

English Department:

Ms. Laura Marugg:  English 7 & English 8

Ms. Alyssa Graham:  English 7

Ms. Leslie Bustos:  English 8

Mr. Joseph Bennet:  English 8

Mr. Patrick Reilly:  Read 180 & English 7

Ms. Julie Forrey:  English 7 & 8

Ms. Joy Montiel:  English Language Development

Ms. Analy Osuna:  English 8 and English Language Development