With the adoption of these content standards in mathematics, California is going beyond reform. We are redefining the state’s role in public education. For the first time, we are stating – explicitly – the content that students need to acquire at each grade level from kindergarten to grade twelve. These standards are rigorous. With student mastery of this content, California schools will be on a par with those in the best educational systems in other states and nations. The content is attainable by all students, given sufficient time, except for those few who have severe disabilities. We regard the standards as firm but not unyielding; they will be modified in future years to reflect new research and scholarship.

Math Department

Ms. Angela Vasquez:  Integrated Math 8

Ms. Jessica Harrison:  Integrated Math 7 & Compacted Math 7

Ms. Joanne Hernandez:  Integrated Math 7 & Integrated Math 8

Ms. Monica Mora:  Integrated Math 8 

Mr. Cruz Rodriguez:  Math Fundamentals

Mr. Jose Valles:  Integrated Math I

Ms. Linda Dye:  Integrated Math 7 & Math Resource Teacher