About Us

Welcome to National City Middle School

National City Middle School  is part of the Sweetwater Union High School District.  We  currently serve 683  students  in  grades 7 and 8.   National City Middle School is an award winning school and a past recipient of the National Excellence in Urban Education Award winner.

National City Middle is committed to ensuring that each student receives a superior education, one that inspires excellence in academics. Students are expected to master the Common Core Standards, which will prepare them to be college and career ready.


At NCM, we change lives and encourage our youth to develop a confident vision for a better tomorrow through education.


As a nurturing environment with a historically rich culture, NCM’s mission is to inspire, encourage, engage and empower students to self-advocate their development to become constructive, productive citizens in a global community by cultivating a:


  • Learning experience that is rich and relevant based on a foundation of school-wide literacy, instructional strategies and collaboration.
  • Nurturing, safe environment that acknowledges and praises overcoming adversity and embracing challenges.
  • Growth mindset culture focused on multiple opportunities to achieve mastery through self-reflection and self-monitoring of learning.
  • Transformative school culture based on each participant’s strengths and achievements.
  • Strong partnership among students, staff, parents, community and educational partners creating a foundation for life skills and career/college preparation.
  • Commitment to the Kingsmen Code:  Perseverance, Respect, Integrity, Drive and Enthusiasm fostering responsible community members and personal resiliency.