At NCMS we have a dedicated  and talented staff who works collaboratively in order provide students a rigorous curriculum in a positive learning environment.

If you would like to get in touch with any teacher or staff member you may  follow our staff directory link (Right hand side).

English Department
Mr. Bennet

Ms. Bustos

Mrs. Graham

Mrs. Hernandez

Mrs. Marugg

Mrs. Montiel

Mr. Reilly

Ms. Forrey

Mathematics Department


Mr. Lowe

Ms. Mora

Mr. Valles

Mrs. Vasquez

Mr. Ochoa

Science Department

Ms. Corral

Mr. Jones

Mrs. Lualhati

Mr. Robertson

Mr. Smith

Social Science Department

Mr. Brault

Mr. Gutierrez

Mr. Peña

Ms. Watson

Mr. Santana

Classroom Resource Teachers

Ms. Dye

Mr. Harrison

Ms. Simon

Physical Education Teachers

Ms. Corral

Ms. Dubost

Mr. Harrison

Mr. Mills-

Program Teacher

Mr. Rodriguez


Mrs. Jasso

ASB/After School Coordinator
Mrs. Mondragon-Zumstein

Categorical Coordinator
Mrs. Walkup

Library Media Teacher
Mr. Heiser

Mr. Patricio- 7th Grade
Mrs. Augustyn- 8th Grade

Mrs. Placey

Plant Supervisor
Mr. Ruiz