All students at National City Middle School are members of the Associate Student Body (ASB) . Four Officers are elected and several Commissioners are appointed in May to act as the Executive Council of the ASB for the next school year.  These students handle the day-to-day decisions regarding the Student Store, lunch activities, spirit days, dances and other ongoing activities.

Alejandra Mondragon~ ASB Advisor


Contacting the ASB or WEB Leaders Virtually

Do you have a question regarding school or are you confused about anything in particular that we can help you with? If so, fill out this form and a WEB Leader or an ASB Member will reach out to help you as best as they can.

(¿Tienes alguna pregunta sobre la escuela o estás confundido acerca de algo en particular con lo que podemos ayudarte? Si es así, completa este formulario y un Líder de WEB o un Miembro de ASB se comunicará contigo para ayudarte)

The Student Store

The Student Store is only open during nutrition break, lunch and after school. They sell snacks, drinks and school supplies such as notebooks, pencils, locks,  P.E. Clothes and other Kingsmen gear.  Ms. Mondragon, the ASB Advisor and the Executive Council completely run and operate the store for the benefit of the students.

ASB Store Hours

Monday through Friday 9:00 – 4:00pm

ASB Price List

P.E. Shirt         $10.00

P.E. Shorts     $12.00

Hooded Sweatshirt     $25.00

Zipper Jacket     $30.00

NCMS Spirit Shirt $10.00

Windbreaker $35

College Shirt     $8.00

Lock $7.00

*Cash only please

**ASB Store is open all year long

*Cash only please

**ASB Store is open all year long