Mission Statement

“To assist students in becoming lifelong learners by encouraging literacy, providing instruction to foster competence in information literacy and to stimulate greater interest in reading.”

The library is a place of learning and, as such, is reserved for research and quiet study. Students may take advantage of library resources and study space during normal hours of operation. Below are standards for usage of the library.

  • Students MUST have their I.D. cards to check out any library or textbooks.
  • Students are responsible for the use of all library material that is checked out to them. Students, who lose material or damage equipment through misuse, will be held financially responsible.  Damaged textbooks will result in a fine. Students must not lend books to friends, nor leave books lying around.
  • Library books are checked out for (3) weeks at a time.  Due date cards are in every book that is checked out to students. Students who do not return books on time will be placed on the non-privileged list.
  • In order to protect the library facility, resources and equipment, no food or drink are allowed in the library.
  • All computers in the library are to be used only for academic purposes. Social networking sites, video streaming, and gaming are not allowed in the library.

Library Hours:  6:30am-3:50pm.

Byron Heiser
Teacher Librarian
Phone: (619) 336-2631

Jessica Nuno
Library Technician
Phone: (619) 336-2632

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